4 Things I did to “Overcome my Shyness” and “Build Confidence”

          Shyness has become a common thing to me growing up. I enjoy my time in my own little world so if someone just barges in it'll make me uncomfortable. I remember whenever I'm in room full of my relatives and there I am, not talking. They'll be confused because I'm… Continue reading 4 Things I did to “Overcome my Shyness” and “Build Confidence”

Notebook. Habit, Goals, and Dreams.

Since I was a kid. I like writing my thoughts. Im not good at it but hey who cares, right? No one even knew this, but whenever Im motivated and inspired I write a to-do list, my dreams, my goals and other things that I want to remember. I even have those cute and cheap… Continue reading Notebook. Habit, Goals, and Dreams.

Minimalism. My Ultimate Reason.

I've been thinking about this a lot: What is my ultimate reason for living more simply? Really, Why? At first, I just wanted to have as little things as possible because whenever my things are all over the place my mind is also in chaos. Then I ask myself why do I want that? Whats really driving… Continue reading Minimalism. My Ultimate Reason.

Minimalism. Checklist #2 – Toxic People/Friends

I've come across different types of people in my whole 24 years of existence. Some stays and sprinkle wisdom, joy and happiness in my life while some are so toxic they drain the life out of me. But then just like what I write in my previous post I become motivated and inspired. Following YouTube… Continue reading Minimalism. Checklist #2 – Toxic People/Friends

Starting my Minimalism Journey

Minimalism have so many meaning for different kinds of people. It could be living with fewer things, not spending so much, or in other words living simply. I dont really knew this before, but then I stumble upon a video in youtube about minimalism - its The Whole Happy Life Channel and other channels I… Continue reading Starting my Minimalism Journey